How to give legal credit
for free downloads

In order to legally use the file that you downloaded for free from, you must provide credit for the use of our creative copyright.

Files downloaded for free are bound to our copyright and therefore have royalties associated to them.

Free files may not be used commercially or printed.

Credit must be provided everywhere the file is used. Regardless of the platform or how the free file is used, credit is always required.

To provide credit add a link to anywhere the LogoMakr file is in use. Examples: Created my logo at Designed my banner at My graphics are from


To properly provide credit on your website complete the steps below:

  • Write in a visible area of your website: “Created my free logo at
  • Options of where to place credit would be in a credits page or the footer area of your site. 
  • Ensure that you link the credit comment to LogoMakr’s website by adding our url. 

Social Media

To properly give credit on social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the list goes on complete the following:

1) Write in your social media profile description area: “Created my free logo at”

  • Instagram: Created my free logo at @logomakr_com
  • Twitter: Created my free logo at @logomakr
  • Facebook: Created my free logo at @logomakr
  • YouTube: In your channels About area under Description write “Created my free logo at”

2) Create a post about your free logo and tag us on social media platforms by using the tags below:

  • Instagram: @logomakr_com
  • Twitter: @logomakr
  • Facebook: @logomakr
  • YouTube: In your channels About area under Description write “Created my free logo at” 

Legal Notice